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If you are planning to get rid of your old hot tub, it doesn’t have to be a stressful and overwhelming task. With the right knowledge and preparation, it can be a painless endeavor. The key is to have a plan in place and to start early. In this article, we will be walking you through the steps of how to get rid of a hot tub in the most efficient, cost-effective and stress-free way.

1. Research Removal Companies and Get Quotes

The first step in getting rid of your hot tub is to figure out the best and most cost-efficient way to get the job done. You have a few options available to you. You can either rent a truck and try to do it yourself or you can enlist the help of a hot tub removal service. Depending on the size and weight of your hot tub, either of these options may be more suitable. If you are opting to use a removal service, be sure to research and comparison shop, getting quotes from several different companies.

How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Hot Tub?

The cost of hot tub removal will depend on a few factors, such as the size and weight of the tub, the distance to the dump site, and any additional services needed, such as the disposal of chemicals or supplies. In general, most hot tub removals can range from a few hundred dollars up to around $1,000.

Advantages of Hiring a Hot Tub Removal Company

Hiring a professional hot tub removal service is often the best choice. Not only will they bring the right tools and knowledge to the job, but they will safely and quickly remove the hot tub, saving you time and hassle.

2. Prepping the Hot Tub

After you have chosen the best way to get rid of the hot tub, it is time to start the preparation process.

Disconnect the Hot Tub

The first step is to disconnect the hot tub from its electrical hookups and plumbing. Make sure to turn off the breaker before you begin to work. Also, it is important to disconnect any hoses or pipes that are connected to the hot tub.

Empty and Clean the Hot Tub

Next, you will need to empty and clean out the hot tub. Begin by draining the hot tub thoroughly and then go over the tub and its components with a degreaser or mild detergent to remove any built up residue. If you are removing a wooden hot tub, it is important to make sure that all nails are secure and that the wood is treated before disposal.

3. Transporting the Hot Tub

Once the hot tub is disconnected and cleaned, it is time to transport it to the desired location. If you are hiring a removal service, they will generally provide the transportation. If you are moving the tub yourself, you will need to rent a truck or trailer large enough to accommodate the size of the tub.

How to Load a Hot Tub Onto a Truck

Loading a hot tub onto a truck is no easy task. You will need to enlist the help of a few people as it requires a bit of strength and coordination. Once the hot tub is in place, secure it with ropes or straps. Make sure that it is secure and level, so it does not shift during transport.

What to Do if the Hot Tub Does Not Fit?

If the hot tub does not fit in the truck, it is best to enlist the help of a professional. They should be able to provide you with a larger truck or trailer to fit the hot tub, so it can be transported safely.

4. Disposal and Recycling Options

Once the hot tub has been transported to the desired location, it is time to determine the best way to dispose of it. You have several options, such as recycling and donating, or you can simply choose to have it hauled away with a hot tub removal service.

recycling or Donating Your Hot Tub

If you have the time and resources available, the best option may be to donate or recycle your old hot tub. Check if there are any local donation programs where you can donate your hot tub to families or charities in need. If donating is not an option, you can always look into recycling programs in your area.

Hauling Your Hot Tub Away

If donating or recycling is not an option, you can choose to have your hot tub hauled away by a professional service. Most hot tub removal services will provide you with an estimate and will take care of the entire process for you.

5. Get Rid of the Leftover Supplies

The last step in getting rid of your hot tub is to properly dispose of any leftover supplies, such as chemicals, wood, or metal. Make sure to follow all safety instructions and local regulations when disposing of these materials.

What to Do with Old Hot Tub Chemicals

It is important to take the proper steps in disposing of old hot tub chemicals. Do not pour them down the drain or in the trash, as this can be hazardous to the environment. Look for a local hazardous waste disposal program or contact your local environmental protection agency for more information.

Dispose of Wooden Hot Tub Parts Properly

Wooden hot tub parts will need to be disposed of properly as well. Most communities have specific policies when it comes to disposing of wood, so make sure to research the regulations in your area.

People Also Ask

Can You Leave an Old Hot Tub in Your Yard?

No, it is not recommended to leave an old hot tub in your yard. Leaving the tub in the yard can create an eyesore, attract pests, and can even be hazardous to the environment.

How Long Does it Take to Remove a Hot Tub?

How long it will take to remove a hot tub will depend on the location and the size of the tub. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

Can I Donate a Hot Tub?

Yes, you can donate an old hot tub. There are many organizations and charities that accept hot tub donations. Contact your local charities and organizations to see if they accept donations.

Can I Dispose of a Hot Tub Myself?

You can choose to dispose of a hot tub yourself. However, it is highly recommended to enlist the help of a professional. They will have the right equipment and knowledge to safely and efficiently remove the hot tub.

Final Words

Getting rid of a hot tub does not have to be a tedious and complicated task. With the right preparation and planning, it can be a simple and straightforward task. Be sure to research the different methods of removal and disposal and always use caution when handling and disposing of chemicals, supplies, and material. Once the hot tub is removed, you can enjoy the extra space, knowing the job was done safely and efficiently.